The Skinny Cat-Eye Sunglasses Influencers Are Obsessed With

The Skinny Cat-Eye Sunglasses That Influencers Are Obsessed With Post
Photo credit: @nouraridaofficial

At last, a skinny trend we don’t need to shed any pounds for! If you have not yet jumped aboard the slim cat-eye sunglasses bandwagon, rest assured, it’s not too late. Instagram’s most coveted eyewear trend is still going strong and has in fact recently upgraded to our 2018 summer essentials list.

If you’re browsing for a fun accessory to add a pop of color or a retro mood to your ootd, or if you’re simply looking to throw some shade in style (not judging), this is the edit for you. Ahead, our top picks to get you to rock the trend.


Featured photo credit: @leenalghouti